Jenson Button has told McLaren he can get the job done this season, providing they give him a car capable of challenging the Red Bull.

Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull have set the standards these last three seasons, but despite that Button is convinced he can claim the title again and repeat what he managed with Brawn - now Mercedes GP - back in 2009.

"I can't wait for the new season," the 33-year-old told British newspaper, The Daily Star. "I am, as ever, massively, massively motivated. I never lose that feeling of excitement in the build up to a new season. I feel refreshed and raring to go.

"I've been doing lots of training - but in a relaxed way. I've been doing plenty of work outdoors which makes it more fun and also seeing plenty of friends for some great meals.

"The start of the winter break always feels so long and open-ended. [But] before you know it you are looking at the calendar again and making plans to get back into the car - and I've never lost that enthusiasm throughout my career. If McLaren give me the car, I'll do the job," he vowed.