Robert Kubica has admitted that his DTM test with Mercedes has made him think about the possibility of one day getting behind the wheel of an F1 car.

The test in Spain marked the first time that Kubica had got behind the wheel of a car with downforce since his accident in a rally nearly two years ago and was the latest step in his recovery from the injuries he sustained.

Kubica reported 'no problems whatsoever' from his time behind the wheel of the AMG C-Coupe and said his time at the wheel had brought back memories of driving an F1 machine.

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"I'm felling much better but there is still a long way to go with my health," he said. "It is getting better, but of course it needs time and there is a lot of hard work to do. It is good to be here in the DTM car two years after I was here with F1.

"Of course I would prefer to be here in an F1 car but you have to do small steps, step by step, and maybe one day I will get the chance to drive an F1 car again here in Valencia or in general."

The Pole added that although there were some limitations, he had been comfortable at the wheel of the DTM machine.

"I'd not driven a car with downforce after the accident, so it was quite tricky as we just had one run in the dry before it rained," he said. "Overall I felt comfortable in the car which is important, especially when you only have a small time to adapt.

"I have some limitations but I have driven different cars and practically if I have enough room in the car - and in the DTM car I have - there is no big limitation for my arm, for myself. Of course the more I drive, the more often I drive, the better I feel and things are getting better and this is something which is very good because it's always good to see your body improving step by step every test, every day which I spend on the track."

Mercedes has been keen to stress that Kubica's run in the car was simply to give him the chance to sample a car with downforce but he admitted that it was an option for the year ahead.

"This test is just to get a feeling for the car and see how it is to drive," he said. "The DTM season starts late so there is still time. There are other options and I need to decide pretty soon.

"DTM could be an option but it depends from different factors and different things," he said. "But the most important one is the pace and I think the performance of myself is good. That's the most important and then we'll see."