The complete technical specifications for the McLaren MP4-28, which was officially launched on Thursday, January 31 2013 at McLaren Technology Centre in Woking by drivers Jenson Button and Sergio Perez.

McLaren MP4-28 chassis

Monocoque: McLaren-moulded carbonfibre composite incorporating front and side impact structures, and survival cell. Front suspension: Inboard torsion bar/damper system operated by pullrod and bell crank with a double wishbone arrangement. Rear suspension: Inboard torsion bar/damper system operated by pullrod and bell crank with a double wishbone arrangement. Electronics: McLaren Electronic Systems. Including chassis control, engine control, data acquisition, dashboard, alternator, sensors, data analysis and telemetry. Bodywork: Carbon-fibre composite. Including engine cover, sidepods, floor, nose, front wing and rear wing. Driver-operated drag reduction system. Lubricants: Mobilith SHC 1500 Grease - lubricates the four tripod joints on the drive-shafts resisting the high temperatures generated by the exhaust and braking systems; Mobilith SHC 220 Grease - minimises rolling resistance in the car's ceramic wheel bearings to help maximise speed; Mobil SHC Hydraulic Oil - running at over 200 bar and 100C this fluid is an essential part of the hydraulic system which controls gear shift, the throttles and operation of DRS and steering systems. Tyres: Pirelli P Zero. Radio: Kenwood. Race wheels: Enkei. Brake callipers: Akebono. Master cylinders: Akebono. Batteries: GS Yuasa Corporation. Steering: McLaren power-assisted. Instruments: McLaren Electronic Systems. Paint solutions: AkzoNobel Car Refinishes using Sikkens Products.


Type: Mercedes-Benz FO 108Y. Capacity: 2.4 litres. Cylinders: 8. Maximum rpm: 18,000. Bank angle: 90?. Piston bore maximum: 98mm. Number of valves: 32. Fuel: ExxonMobil High Performance Unleaded (5.75% bio fuel). Spark plugs: NGK Formula 1 specification racing spark plugs Lubricants: Mobil 1(TM) Engine Oil - for long engine life, protection and cooling combined with improved fuel economy. Weight: 95kg (minimum FIA regulation weight).

KERS [hybrid]

Type: Mercedes-Benz. e-Motor: Engine-mounted electrical motor/generator. ESS: Integrated energy storage cells and power electronics. Power: 60 kW.


Gearbox: McLaren-moulded carbon-fibre composite. Integral rear impact structure. Gears: Seven forward and one reverse. Gear selection: McLaren seamless shift, hand-operated. Clutch: Carbon/carbon, hand-operated. Lubricants: Mobil 1 SHC Gear Oil - provides reduced fluid traction losses improving gearbox efficiency and delivering more power to the rear wheels.


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