Ross Brawn insists that Mercedes has to improve on its fortunes after the launch of the new F1 W04 at Jerez.

The Brackley-based team uncovered its 2013 challenger in Spain on Monday ahead of the start of pre-season testing, with the team hoping that the car will strong enough to help Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg challenge towards the front of the field.

The past 18 months have seen Mercedes work hard to put a new technical structure in place in order to improve its fortunes, and Brawn said that results had to be better during the year ahead.

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"We have to get forward," he was quoted by the official F1 website. "How far forward is hard to say as this depends on what the others are doing. But for sure we have to improve from where we are. Where we are is not acceptable. The objective of the team is to move forward. I am optimistic that we'll do that. The restructure that we did will come through this year."

Brawn also expanded on the reasons why Mercedes had elected to restructure in the way it has done - with the likes of Bob Bell, Aldo Costa and Geoff Willis already onboard and rumours persisting about a link with McLaren's Paddy Lowe.

"I think that the structure we have now is a structure that had been 'designed' in 2012 with Bob Bell as technical director," he said. "It is quite clear that there is a lot of demands on the engineering teams - especially when you are looking at a new car as we are doing for 2014. The new car is so dramatically different to the existing car that we are having parallel engineering groups to do the current car and to do the new car.

"As an engine manufacturer we have to have a lot of input into the design of the engine to get the engine right for the chassis. If you are simply a customer you take what the engine supplier gives you, but as we are a complete team, our group has to start to work on the new car much earlier than other teams as we have to understand what sort of engine we want to have for the car. That parallel development is crucial.

"Ferrari already announced a while ago that they have two teams working on the 2013 and 2014 cars and that is what we have also done. So the names we have on our organization might be a bit wider known, but it is the essential structure that you need to support these programs."

Brawn also said he expected the new look line-up of Hamilton and Rosberg help push the team forwards.

"I think the dynamic with Lewis and Nico is going to be very interesting," he said. "They are good friends. Of course I know Nico better than Lewis, but from what I see they are very professional with each other and they are very committed. Both have understood that we have to work as a team to take the team forward on the grid, but of course they will also try to beat each other. We have a great pairing of drivers and I expect both drivers to contribute an enormous amount behind the scenes also."