Pirelli boss Paul Hembery says it is hard to draw any conclusions from the running that took place during the opening pre-season test of the F1 season at Jerez last week.

The test marked the first opportunity for teams to learn as much as possible about the 2013-spec tyres, although the abrasive nature of the Spanish circuit restricted the knowledge gained on the softer compound rubber.

"The four days spent at Jerez, with most teams running their new cars, gave us all a good general impression of the characteristics of our 2013 tyres on track, with completely new compounds and construction," Hembery said. "It seems that we are very much on the right road and the changes we wanted to see are all there: the tyres are faster than their equivalents last year, and they have a wider window of peak performance.

"Conditions at Jerez were not ideal this year however, as it was an extremely abrasive track - the most abrasive of all the circuits we visit all year - and consequently it was hard to draw any proper conclusions, given that the surface had actually become even more abrasive than last season. We came away with plenty of data for the hard and medium tyres, very little for the soft tyre and none for the supersoft.

"Now we look forward to the next two test sessions at Barcelona, which will provide another very valuable opportunity for the teams to extend their knowledge of this year's tyres."

In total, Pirelli took 385 sets of tyres to the Jerez, test, of which 251 were used; with the medium rubber being the most commonly used.

Jerez tyre stats:

Sets used:
Supersoft: 3 sets
Soft: 33 sets
Medium: 137 sets
Hard: 74 sets
Intermediate: 3 sets
Wet: 1 set

Longest run:
Supersoft: 8 laps
Soft: 12 laps
Medium: 24 laps
Hard: 20 laps
Intermediate: 3 laps
Wet: 1 lap