Have you been following the example of three-time world champion Sebastian Vettel since the end of last season by just hanging out at home, sleeping in your own bed, cooking your own meals and doing some DIY? Or have you been putting the weeks since the final race of 2012 to good use instead by staying on top of the latest developments from the world of F1?

Even though it's been the off-season for motorsports, that doesn't mean it's actually been all that quiet - and especially not since New Year's Day. Teams have been firming up their new driver line-ups and putting their finishing touches to their 2013 cars, before unveiling both to the press and then taking them for their first runs out on track at the Circuit de Jerez in Spain. So there's been plenty happening in recent weeks.

And now with just a month to go before the start of the new season - beginning with the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne on March 17 - there's now a palpable pick-up of pace and urgency in the F1 paddock. If you can feel it too, then you'll know it's time you also got back into pre-season training as well - by flexing your mental muscles on our first 2013 season quiz, designed to bring you up to speed and sharpen your reflexes in time for Albert Park.

Just CLICK HERE to start the quiz. If you can stay away from looking for clues via Google, Wikipedia, Crash.net's news archives and other F1 reference sources then you can proudly take credit for your achievements by clicking on the 'Post your comments' link below to let us know how you fared.

Ready to get underway with the new season? Then have at it. Good luck, and enjoy!