Pirelli motorsport boss Paul Hembery has admitted that the cold weather conditions that greeted teams in Barcelona played a part in the degradation suffered by drivers on track.

A number of drivers commented on the way in which the performance of the 2013 tyres was difficult to predict, with Sergio Perez going so far as to say that the degradation was extreme after he concluded his week's work at the wheel of the MP4-28.

Speaking following the test however, Hembery said the cold conditions had had a major impact on the performance of the tyres, given they had been forced to work outside of their normal operating window.

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As such, he admitted that the degradation seen 'wasn't typical' of what teams can expect when they head to Australia for the first race of the year next month.

"The teams experienced quite high degradation in Barcelona, and that was really down to the weather conditions," he said. "The conditions we had in Barcelona are far from typical of the rest of the season, with much cooler ambient and track temperatures than we would normally race in, and even some rain on the final day. This put the tyres outside of their usual working ranges, which led to problems such as graining.

"The conditions were particularly unsuited to the supersoft tyre, due to the circuit layout and the roughness of the surface in addition to the cold temperatures. Coupled with the fact that teams are still making big set-up adjustments to their new cars and trying out our complete range of our tyres to optimise the package, we saw levels of degradation that are not typical.

"Once we get to Melbourne the tyres should be much more within their intended working range, which will eliminate the unusual amount of degradation that some teams have experienced."

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