Sebastian Vettel says Red Bull would have liked more time to learn about its RB9 after the conclusion of pre-season testing in Barcelona.

Vettel completed 100 laps on the final day of the four-day session at Catalunya, but heads into the new season having failed to top the times on an of the twelve days of testing carried out in Spain.

The German has already admitted that Red Bull doesn't know where it stands in the pecking order, and - like many others in the paddock - he said he would have preferred more time to get to grips with the new Pirelli tyre.

"We're in good enough shape I think," he said. "Overall testing has been good for us and we didn't have too many problems. But if you sum up all three tests I think all the teams were linked in to what the tyres could do and at times it was extremely difficult to read the set-up changes and find a direction because the tyres were always pretty challenging.

"In terms of how we did this week, well, over the past couple of days we maybe didn't tick all the boxes that we wanted to but we have bit of time left to prepare before the seasons starts. The target is there to improve and we will do that. I'm looking forward to Melbourne now and can't wait for the racing to begin."

Race engineering co-ordinator Andy Damerum agreed that it was hard to tell what the true pecking order is ahead of the season and said it would only become apparent when the field hits the track in Australia.

"We had a good day to finish off winter testing," he said. "We had the best conditions of the pre-season so we were able to get quite a lot done. We started with a whole session of data gathering today on some of the components we had put on the car. It was a tricky day because we were evaluating multiple aerodynamic elements, so it was pretty busy work. But not too bad for the final day.

"Testing overall has been good. It's impossible to give any indication of where we are in the mix at the moment, to be honest. We think we've done some good work during all three tests but you never know until Saturday in Melbourne and that's what we'll focus on now."