Sebastian Vettel has insisted the fact he is going for his fourth F1 drivers' title in a row in 2013 will make 'no difference' to how he approaches the season.

Vettel and Red Bull Racing have set the standard in recent years, but he thinks it will be even tighter this year.

Indeed he added that he believes it will be 'crucial to make the most out of every single race' and that everyone starts from 'zero'.

"I don't think it makes a difference [that I am bidding for my fourth crown]," he confirmed to reporters ahead of this Sunday's Australian GP at Albert Park in Melbourne. "I think every year we start again from zero. I think everyone has the same chance.

"As we said, testing obviously this year was probably not as conclusive as previous years, so we arrive here not knowing what is going to happen. But I think it is very exciting and so, as every year I am excited to start.

"I think it's going to be a long year. Obviously we're looking forward to this weekend and this is the first of many. But I think we've seen in the last couple of years, last year in particular, that it's a long season and every race is very important. So this is the place we start but then there are many other places coming."

Asked how he will approach 2013 and how he will stay motivated, Vettel added: "Well if there is a secret, I think it's not to think about what happened the last three years.

"I think the first title was very, very special. After that I don't think you have that pressure any more. You've proved to yourself more than to anyone else that you can do so. After that obviously we had two fantastic years again - very different to each other. But as I said, you probably don't think about what happened last year or the last three years.

"We are here and we have zero points on our side at the moment, the same as everyone else. So everyone has the same opportunities. The cars didn't really change [over the winter]. Last year we saw it was very close so I don't expect it to be any different than 2012 - if anything maybe a little bit tighter.

"So it will be crucial to make the most out of every single race - but in terms of motivation, I'm happy to be here now and very pleased to start over again."

As for the tyres, Vettel conceded that the new Pirellis are a bit of an unknown quantity: "I think in winter testing we all suffered the same problem: the tyres didn't last. It was extremely difficult for us to do a lot of laps on the same set of tyres, to test certain things. We hope it gets better here," he explained.

"I think generally it will be interesting to see whether the temperatures make a difference or not at all. We are keen to find out and then we'll know a little bit more," he concluded.


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