Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has admitted that he does not expect Mark Webber to turn his back on F1 because of what happened in Malaysia on Sunday, despite the Australian saying that he had much to think over.

Webber felt that, because of an order for both Red Bull drivers to turn down their engines and preserve their tyres, he had been in line for the victory at Sepang, but seeing team-mate Sebastian Vettel take it upon himself to pass for the lead with eleven laps to run had caused the Australian to think 'many, many things' during the run to the flag, including potentially his future with the team and maybe even in F1 itself.

Acknowledging that there will certainly be discussions about the situation back at RBR's Milton Keynes base in the wake of the event, Webber admitted that he would probably take himself as far away from F1 as possible in the next couple of weeks, while he considers his options for China in mid-April.

"I think it's very early days right now," he conceded, "It's very raw, obviously, and we need to work out how the team best goes forwards from here. That's obviously going to be discussed this week, [but] I will be in Australia, on my surfboard, [and] the phone won't be engaged. We'll see what happens."

Horner, meanwhile, played down suggestions that Webber would consider walking out on either RBR or F1, insisting that there were still too many emotions in play for rational thought.

"In the heat of the moment, there's always going to be emotion," he told Sky Sports, "Both of them have just sat in a debrief, both of them have talked very constructively about the car and focused on where we need to improve and where we need to be better for the next race.

"Of course it'll take time to calm down. What's done is done and we can't change that. The team's position was clear. The team didn't manipulate any situation, there was no conspiracy, so why he needs to be thinking about his future, or anything like that, is just pure emotion."


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