Romain Grosjean is hoping that the forecasters have got it right when it comes to the weather for this weekend's Chinese Grand Prix after admitting that the current Lotus is not at home in the rain.

The Frenchman returns to the Shanghai International Circuit with good memories of last year's race but, after the mixed conditions of Malaysia three weekends ago, is not committing himself to any predictions of another top ten finish. Both Grosjean and team-mate Kimi Raikkonen were able to score points at Sepang, taking sixth and seventh places respectively, but neither was able to repeat the Finn's winning form from the season-opener in Australia, despite again making one fewer stop than the cars finishing ahead of them in a wet-dry race.

"It's difficult to say [how we will do] before the weekend," the Frenchman admitted, "We've seen that Kimi won in Australia, which was good for the team, [as] it means that the car was able to do it. Then, in Malaysia, we had a good race from the point where it was dry. We know that, when it's wet, it's not our biggest strength but, here, it seems to be dry for the whole weekend, which is a good point.

"It's difficult, when you're not in the car, to know [what the problem is]. I think we have a few ideas of what we need to make sure is right and, from there, we can have a deeper look into it and double check a few things. The tyres don't make it easier, as they are very sensitive to the performance of the car - sometimes a bit too much - but, on the other hand, it's the same for everybody, so we'll do our best. Hopefully, the updates will help us to get on top of it and, from there, we can do well in every session and see where we are Sunday evening."

Lotus will not be alone in bringing new parts to its car after the three-week gap from Malaysia, but Grosjean has greater reason to look forward to China after the team admitted that his team-mate had been getting the updates first.

"We have a few updates on the car plus, on my side, I'll also have the new exhaust that Kimi ran in KL," he revealed, "It's going to be good and I'm looking forward to it. I've got good memories here, as I scored my first ever point in F1 last year. Hopefully, there'll be some more this year."