After the 2011 event was postponed, reinstated and then cancelled for good, few expected Bahrain to feature on the 2012 F1 calendar.

The race did however take place despite the on-going situation in the Gulf State, with the Grand Prix itself passing without major incident despite the tension simmering away in the background.

That's not to say that F1 teams didn't encounter any trouble while on Bahraini soil, with Force India electing to miss the second Friday practice session in order to make sure that team members could return to their hotel before darkness fell - the decision coming after a hire car with four team members were caught up in rioting on the Wednesday before the race.

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Twelve months on and the protests continue in the country, with protestors campaigning against the fact that the race is set to run again this weekend.

Bahrain has promised that 'appropriate security measures' will be taken, while Bernie Ecclestone has said that he doesn't want to see any trouble and is 'extremely sympathetic' to the opposition.

That hasn't prevented an all-party parliamentary group from making calls for the race to be cancelled, while former F1 champion Damon Hill says Bahrain shouldn't host a race as it could be used a political tool in the ongoing struggles.

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