Red Bull Racing's Mark Webber has said high tyre wear was to blame for his failure to get on the podium in Bahrain and for his inability to hold off both Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez on the final lap.

The Aussie eventually brought his car home in seventh place, but it was not the result he wanted on his landmark 200th outing at the pinnacle of the sport.

Indeed it was another pretty disappointing race for the 36-year-old, who at one point was running second to team-mate, and eventual winner, Sebastian Vettel, although at least he did score, unlike in China the weekend before.

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"The beginning wasn't too bad, but we lost quite a bit of time in the second stint trying to clear people. We went aggressive on the first few out laps, which meant we jumped people, but the tyres didn't like it," Webber explained. "That meant the second stint was a disaster really in terms of pace at the end and that loaded the other two stints up.

"In the middle of the race I thought I could get on the podium, but then it was about pace management and it's a fine line between racing and saving tyres. Others pitted a bit before me at the end, but it wasn't enough for me to get home.

"If you race people hard then you run out of tyres, but if you don't then they come through. In the end it was a pretty good battle with Lewis for both of us; neither of us had any tyres left, but we were trying to race as best we could."

Red Bull Racing team principal, Christian Horner meanwhile agreed that by the end the Aussie was simply 'tyred-out'.

"After racing very well in the first stint and making progress through the first round of pit stops, in the second stint Mark pushed very hard on the first few laps which effectively elevated him into second position. Unfortunately he couldn't achieve the longevity in that stint, which put him under pressure for the final two," Horner stated.

"His last stop put him in the range of those on two-stops, and then it was a matter of making it to the end. Despite fighting fantastically well and racing very hard with Lewis, he ran out of rear tyres before the end of the race, but still got some valuable points."