Pirelli motorsport boss Paul Hembery says the majority of teams have told the F1 tyre supplier not to change anything in regards to its 2013 rubber, despite criticism from elsewhere on the grid.

Red Bull in particular has questioned whether Pirelli should be producing a tyre that lasts longer, with suggestions that the defending champions were seeking to get changes made to the tyres supplied to try and improve durability.

However, in an interview with Reuters, Hembery revealed that a number of teams had in fact urged Pirelli not to change a thing despite some of the negative comments that have emerged about the impact on the racing this season.

"We often sit down and go 'what's all this about?'," he said. "It's the third year (of Pirelli being sole tyre supplier), it's no different this year than any other year. We've given the challenge, some like it and some don't. They all have the same challenge.

"In the end we've had the vast majority of teams come to us and say: 'Whatever you do don't change anything'. We might - because we have to, and because we see things that as tyre supplier we might want to change - but essentially they are saying: 'Don't change even if you are getting this (negative) media coverage.' So it is rather strange.

"The most vocal team has been Red Bull obviously, and for their reasons. The others, if they see one team pushing that way will push against that because they feel there's a good reason why they [Red Bull] want to go in that direction."

Hembery added that Pirelli was simply trying to do what was best for the sport, and said he felt things would calm down as the year wears on and teams become used to the performance of the new rubber.

"We try and do the right thing for everybody, for the sport and the vast majority," he said. "We don't want to favour anybody. Maybe the engineers and drivers would prefer it that they knew they've got pole and could run away with it...but as a sporting spectacle we know that fans want to have uncertainty.

"The first two seasons were very similar. You get to seven or eight races in and things really do settle down and it'll be the same again this year I'm sure."