Mark Webber says he doubts he will ever get to a position to beat the record for F1 starts, currently held by former Williams man Rubens Barrichello.

Webber brought up 200 races in Bahrain at the weekend but still sits more than 100 race behind Barrichello - who competed 322 times before leaving F1 at the end of 2011 when he was replaced at Williams.

How long Webber keeps competing for remains to be seen, with doubts over his long-term future with Red Bull in the wake of the 'Multi-21' saga.

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While insisting again that no decision has yet been taken over his future, Webber said he didn't expect to ever get to the stage where he would be able to challenge Barrichello's record and that it was one that would remain in place for a long time to come.

"I think 17 years in Formula One, I think that record will stay for a long time," he was quoted as telling Servus TV. "It's a special, special career; very, very long. I think that it's going to be very, unlikely that I will challenge Rubens' grand prix entries from my side.

"[However] I think that the performance is still good at the moment, that's the main thing. As long as I'm hungry, have good drive and enjoy the work, that's the important thing.

"I think towards the summer we will make a plan, like I always do. I have never made a plan in my future seasons in April before so I'm probably not going to start now. But I'm still feeling very hungry, still have some very good results inside me so that's the most important thing and I'll focus on the next race like I've always done."