Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko has called on Pirelli to make further changes to its tyre compounds to prevent teams being forced to deal with 'compromises' on track.

The defending champions had been keen to see Pirelli make alterations to its compounds while the remaining teams were reported to have been pushing for the compounds to remain as they are.

The tyre supplier confirmed last week that it had made changes to its hard tyre, albeit based on the data it had collected so far this season and not as a result of Red Bull's request, but Marko said he felt more should be done to allow teams to perform at their full potential - something he feels isn't currently possible.

"We want a tyre that does not restrict our potential," he was quoted as telling "You should be able to get the optimum out of the car and currently it is a compromise. We have to adjust the car so that you can make as few pit stops as possible.

"We have two top drivers, which is not cheap. Then you have to tell them that they cannot drive flat out through some corners, which is not easy. This distorts competition."

Marko did concede however that some teams weren't facing as many issues with the tyres as Red Bull appeared to be having.

"The tyre is unpredictable and some cars handle the situation better than others," he said. "Lotus appears to be fast on all circuits."