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Ecclestone blames lawyers for Concorde delays

3 May 2013

Commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone has blamed legal teams for delays in a new Concorde Agreement being signed.

The current deal expired at the conclusion of last season, meaning that the opening four rounds of 2013 have taken place without a fresh agreement in place.

According to Ecclestone, money isn't the issue when it comes to the signing of a new Concorde Agreement – which lays out the financial terms on which teams compete F1 – with disagreements between the various legal teams involved instead being the cause of the hold-up.

Ecclestone also insisted that the delays were also not down to the FIA, as had been suggested in the past.

"We are doing what we have to do with the Concorde Agreement," he told ESPN. "The money side is all agreed. The financial side, for a change, is not a problem. The hold up is generally lawyers. They write something down and the other one says 'I don't think it should be written like that, it should be written like this.' Then the other one says 'I don't know about that'.

"The FIA has been very co-operative. No problems at all."

Ecclestone added that the FIA's president Jean Todt had been 'doing what he should do as a president' when it comes to F1 and backed the Frenchman to secure another term as president of the governing body later this year.

“Todt will get in," he said. "He has not caused us any problems. He has been travelling a lot. He has been doing what he should do as a president, looking after all the national sporting authorities. He hasn't put his nose into Formula One which is good."