Ferrari chief designer Nikolas Tombazis insists there is plenty of room for improvement in the team this season, with the results to date being worthy of a score of 'six out of ten'.

The team has enjoyed a stronger start than twelve months ago, with more points on the board compared to this stage last year and a car that is closer to the front than the troublesome F2012.

While Fernando Alonso took victory in China to show the 2013 car is capable of winning races, Tombazis said there was still more to come as the Scuderia brings improvements for the car in the upcoming races.

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"I think in general, the first results mean we can be reasonably optimistic about the rest of the season, with a sense that we can fight for wins and the championship," he said. "However, if I was to score our overall performance, I would only give it a six out of ten and that's for two main reasons

"One is that we are not yet quite where we want to be. In the first four Grands Prix, we were not really able to fight for pole position and that is one of our main objectives at the moment. Secondly, if you look at the actual results, even if it's true we've had a win, which naturally we can be very pleased about, we have also had two very bad results where we scored very few points.

"However, I reiterate, that overall, we can be optimistic for the future."

The Spanish race this weekend will see Ferrari join its rivals in introducing a raft of updates for the F138 and Tombazis said the two practice sessions at Catalunya would be key to deciding if the upgrades would be used for the first European race of the year.

"I believe most of our competitors will have a significant number of updates in Spain, which is not surprising, as there was a reasonably long gap after the first four races," he said. "Of course, we too have updates and naturally, I don't want to go into too much detail, but they extend to the bodywork, floor and wings.

"With any new component, the difficulty lies not so much in its development but in deciding whether or not it is working on track as well as we had hoped. Therefore, by Friday evening in Barcelona, our objective is to have a clear view on what we will take forward to use in the race, in the hope of seeing measurements taken from the wind tunnel confirmed on track."