It would appear that two wins and a couple of other podium finishes are not enough for some people, but Sebastian Vettel insists that Red Bull is content with its results after the opening four races of 2013.

Asked, during the opening press conference of the Spanish Grand Prix weekend, to confirm the sense that RBR was far from happy with its level of competitiveness, the world champion - who has 77 points, three front-row starts and three podiums, including two wins, so far this season - claimed that, although there was always room for improvement, the team had to be happy with its results so far.

"I think, if you look at the results that we got, we can be extremely happy in terms of how competitive we were," he said, "I think we can be equally as happy because we had a car that was good enough to finish on the podium and fight for victory, not in all four races, but we won two out of four, so it's not that bad. Even the third place in Australia was very strong, and the fourth place in China too.

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"Obviously, we haven't had that many races yet but I think, from a result point of view, we can be happy. I think we had some room for improvements and that's what we are targeting, but I wouldn't say that we are unhappy with what we got so far."

The world champion also tried to play down the amount of revision his car may have undergone in the three-week break since the Bahrain Grand Prix, despite Barcelona being a traditional launch point for teams' first major upgrade of the season.

"To be honest, not too much," he smiled, when asked how much change there would be to the RB9, "I think that the current rules are so exhausted that no big changes are possible and that is what I think we will see this weekend: no huge surprises. But I also might be wrong..."

Vettel's two wins from four races - including the controversial success at Sepang - already have sections of the paddock suggesting that the German is on his way to a fourth straight title, but the man himself insists that it is 'much too early to make any predictions'.

"Who would be so bold as to predict the outcome of a 19-race championship after only four races?" he asked, "This weekend we have to concentrate on the modified tyres - and the work that we have to do before Sunday to get our car right."