Bernie Ecclestone has attempted to end the feud between himself and Mercedes parent company Daimler by giving it a presence on the board of directors at F1 overseer Delta Topco.

The dispute, which reportedly came close to forcing the Three Pointed Star to rethink its participation in the top flight, follows Ecclestone's involvement in the alleged bribery of German banker Gerhard Gribkowsky as well as his apparent favouritism towards longer-standing F1 rivals when it came to dividing up control of the sport.

Now, in an effort to calm the waters, the Briton has offered Daimler's chief financial officer, Bodo Uebber, a seat on the F1 board, joins a group of 15 that already includes Ecclestone, Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo, WPP boss Sir Martin Sorrell and non-executive chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe.

The appointment, which was reported in Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper, is not new, however, as, earlier this week, Daimler reported Uebber's addition to board as happening at the start of the year. For whatever, reason, however, it decided to keep the news quiet until F1 returned to Europe.

Ecclestone, meanwhile, continues to claim that the money paid to Gribkowsky was a bribe to ease CVC's acquisition of the sport, insisting that he was being blackmailed by the German over threats to reveal details of his tax affairs. Mercedes, however, had said that it would get together with other influential members of the F1 paddock to demand the Briton resign had plans to prosecute him within Germany went ahead.