For a lot of teams at the Circuit de Catalunya, the Spanish Grand Prix did not pan out quite as they were expecting. Red Bull was among those with high hopes of pulling off a strong result or even a win in Spain, but in the end took what they could get and went away relieved.

"Fourth and fifth places obviously weren't the target going into the race," admitted read Bull Christian Horner. "We didn't quite have the pace today but we still managed to score some strong points.

"We made four pit-stops with both cars, saw some great work in the pit lane and recorded a succession of very fast stops," he added. "It was a good recovery after a difficult first lap for Mark."

After starting in seventh position, Mark Webber seriously struggled in the opening laps with the Australian seriously worried that he was staring an embarrassing disaster in the face.

"By the first corner I was probably 14th or 15th, so to come back with that result was pretty good," Webber said afterwards. "The Ferraris and the Lotus were in a bit of a different league and that made it hard for us to compete today.

"We were struggling for the range and a bit of pace today, to be honest," he added. "If you don't have the pace, then you can't have the magic strategy. I was happy with how I drove and we got some points, but it wasn't the result we wanted."

Team mate Sebastian Vettel echoed Webber's words, after a hard day's work at the office in Barcelona.

"I think we can be happy with fourth today," he said. "The first three cars were a little bit too fast for us and regarding looking after the tyres, they did a better job.

"We got some good points today, although of course we wanted more," he continued. "The start was good, we then tried to hold on with a three-stop strategy, but had to change to four stops."

Turning his thoughts forward to the next few races, Vettel added: "We need to catch up. We're not going the pace of the car, we're going the pace of the tyres and obviously we do something to make the tyres wear more.

The extent of the tyre gradation in Spain caught almost all the teams by surprise, and Horner admitted that it had been "a tough race" for the team.

"The way it panned out it was obvious that tyre degradation was going to be a key factor," he said. "When you are telling drivers not to push because we are saving tyres isn't great for the sport of for the fans.

"We need to push the drivers harder and allow them to drive properly," he insisted. "It is the same for everyone but we all know they are marginal. It's tough we were too tough on them early on."


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