For an established team with a pedigree like McLaren, finishing the Spanish Grand Prix in eighth and ninth positions might not appear to be much to celebrate.

But considering how bleak things had looked heading into race day, it's a result that the team will take with some degree of relief - for now, at least.

"It's a positive that both cars finished in the points, and hopefully this'll be the start of an upward trend," said Jenson Button, who finished just ahead of his team mate in Barcelona. "We gathered a lot of useful information today, and we'll be working on that over the next few races in order to continue developing MP4-28.

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"To finish eighth show what a good job the team did with the strategy," he added, pointing that that they had used the same contrarian approach to the race that they had to equally good effect in China in order to overcome this week's dismal 14th position on the starting grid. "I don't know whether we've improved our package or not, but we certainly beat some cars that we possibly shouldn't have beaten.

"Some of the speeds cars were going past me means we have got as lot to do," he admitted. "It is still possible for us to still get up there and I want to thank all the fans for their support, it's a bit embarrassing really to see them all but we will get it right.

"There's still a lot of work to do. It's tough at the moment, but I'm pleased that we're making the best of what we have," he summarised.

While Button went for a three stop strategy, Sergio Perez - starting from eighth on the grid - had gone for four stops only to end up running in ninth right behind his team mate in the closing laps.

"It's so difficult to manage these tyres. We didn't do a perfect job, and, like many drivers, I required four pit stops," he lamented, adding that it hadn't been the race he'd been hoping for.

"I didn't maximise the full potential of our car today, so I wasn't happy in that respect, but, having said that, I think it's been a stronger weekend overall for us," he added.