Paul di Resta has moved to defend Pirelli on the back of further criticism of its 2013 tyres following the Spanish Grand Prix.

High levels of degradation at Catalunya led to nearly 80 pit stops over the course of the race, with four stops being a common strategy in the opening European event of the year as drivers battled to make their tyres last.

Some, such as Red Bull boss Dietrich Mateschitz have moved to criticise Pirelli still further on the back of the race, but Force India ace di Resta insisted that the current approach was a step forwards as it opened up the opportunity for teams further down the grid to shine.

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"At the end of the day it's unpredictable for all of us," he was quoted by Sporting Life. "Would you want it to be one stop, back to the Bridgestone days three years ago?

"There obviously has to be a compromise, but overall it benefits the midfield teams. The people who qualify at the front just want to drive away and not have any hassle. But you want to be able to get the midfield teams up there and be able to do something different.

"We tune our car to be a bit lighter on tyres, to make it better in the race because ultimately we know we're not going to qualify on pole. So I'm happy, and I think the midfield teams are good with it."

Di Resta was also quick to point out that he felt the Spanish race would prove to be something of an anomaly, with the Catalunya circuit being one that was particularly difficult on tyres.

"Don't judge it too much on that race," he said. "It is probably the hardest track on tyres. We saw that in winter testing. We knew it was going to be hard, and essentially we came here with a tyre that was not going to deal with it.

"We never expected it to be there, so I think when we go to other tracks it will be okay."