Red Bull team boss Christian Horner has welcomed the announcement that Pirelli is to make changes to its F1 tyres in time for the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal next month.

The tyre supplier confirmed yesterday [Tuesday] that changes would take place on the back of the Spanish Grand Prix, where excessive tyre wear led to multiple pit-stops and created a situation that was far from easy for fans watching on to follow.

The changes will be put in place for the Canadian race amidst concerns from some that the revised rubber will play into the hands of Red Bull - who had been vocal in their condemnation of the tyres despite the fact that Sebastian Vettel tops the championship standings thanks to two wins in the first five races of the year.

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However, Horner insisted that the changes didn't mean that his team would be given an advantage by the changes and that Pirelli was simply acting in the best interests of the sport with the move.

"It is all part of the challenge of Formula One," he was quoted by Sporting Life. "Adrian Newey and his team have had to deal with changes over the last few years and they have always responded well, but it is the same for everyone.

"We have always been very consistent about the situation with the tyres from the first race. We have won two of the races and are in a good position in the championship, but it is too much about tyres at the moment and not about racing.

"It is ultimately in Pirelli's interests (to make the change). They are a big enough company and have a good enough understanding to rectify the issue.

"It will be in the interests of good racing over the next few Grands Prix."