Bernie Ecclestone is set to face charges in Germany relating to F1's bribery case according to media reports.

The Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper has reported that investigations into the case involving banker Gerhard Gribkowsky have now reached a position where charges against the commercial rights holder are set to be filed with a charge sheet set to be sent to Ecclestone and his lawyers once a translation into English has been completed.

Gribkowsky himself has already been convicted of taking bribes during the sale of F1 to current owners CVC, while the 54-year-old was also charged with tax evasion last year.

Ecclestone had appeared in court as a witness during Gribkowsky's trial and has always said he was happy to cooperate with prosecutors investigating the case.

The 82-year-old had revealed in court that payments had been made to Gribkowsky as the banker was threatening to blackmail him.

Should Ecclestone face charges, it could lead to him being replaced as the head of F1, given current plans to float on the Singapore stock-market.