Pirelli motorsport boss Paul Hembery has said he expects two-stops to be the norm during the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend.

Teams will have the option of the soft and supersoft tyres for the race around the streets of Monte Carlo, with the choice being made because of the need for tyres to warm quickly and provide high levels of mechanical grip.

With low levels of tyre degradation anticipate, in stark contrast to the Spanish Grand Prix at Catalunya, a two-stop average is expected although differing strategies are likely to play a role in proceedings as drivers seek to make up places in the race.

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"In Monaco we'd expect an average of two pit stops per car, because in complete contrast to the last race at Barcelona, Monaco has very low tyre wear and degradation," Hembery said. "This doesn't make the race any less strategic however, as in the past we have seen drivers trying completely different strategies yet ending up very close to each other at the finish.

"The last race in Spain was won from lower down on the grid than it has ever been won before, so it will be interesting to see if this pattern can repeat itself in Monaco: a track that is renowned for being difficult to overtake on. Because of this, strategy will become even more important than usual, with teams trying to use tactics to improve on their starting positions."