by Stephen English

Felipe Massa's heavy FP3 accident kept the Brazilian from taking part in qualifying in Monaco and speaking this afternoon the Brazilian was still at a loss to explain how the accident occurred.

"I braked and locked up both fronts which is not an easy thing to happen, usually you lock up one," said Massa. "But it happened and I hit the guardrail on the left and was just waiting for the wall to arrive which is not a nice feeling.

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"When I braked it was even a little bit earlier than my [previous] lap so maybe it was a problem with the bump. It was a bit strange but it happens."

Massa was not the only driver to crash during the practice session with Romain Grosjean and Adrian Sutil damaging their cars. Both were able to take part in qualifying but Massa's extensive damage however made it impossible for the team to fix the car in time.

"The car was pretty damaged and I knew it was going to be very difficult to fix the car but we tried everything," he said. "Grosjean had a much lighter crash than mine and he only managed to make it out at the end of Q1 so you can see that it was not easy for us to fix it."

The Brazilian also commented that he had some shoulder and back pain after the crash but that 'it shouldn't be a problem for tomorrow'.

With his Ferrari team-mate, Fernando Alonso, qualifying in sixth it will be a difficult race for the team with Massa feeling that the lower track temperatures of Saturday had played a factor in the under performance.

"I saw most of the cars going out this morning and they were going one second quicker than before but we didn't improve anything in our lap-times," said Massa. "If you see my Thursday lap-time I think it was a 16.2 and today I did a 16.1 and it was similar for Fernando.

"We need to prepare the car with the best configuration possible for the tyres and everything for tomorrow."