Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali says his team's decision to protest against Mercedes over its Pirelli tyre test was made in order to gain clarity over the regulations.

Ferrari joined Red Bull in lodging the protest in Monaco after it emerged that Mercedes had carried out a three-day tyre test with Pirelli at Catalunya following the Spanish Grand Prix.

In-season testing is currently banned under the regulations, although Mercedes was of the belief that it had done nothing wrong, having asked the FIA for permission to carry out the test with Pirelli.

The governing body has since insisted that conditions were attached to the test and has suggested that action could be forthcoming, with Domenicali saying his team was keen to simply discover if there was indeed a way in which teams were able to carry out in-season running of if the rules have been broken.

Ferrari has long pushed to be able to run its current car during the season for testing purposes.

"We just want to know if this is possible," he told "If this is possible we'd be the first to raise our hands to make sure that we can do the same, because as you know Ferrari has been very pushy to try and do in-season testing on the track, and this is the reason why we wanted to understand this situation, no more than that.

"And if the decision can be opposite on what we believe, it's the right interpretation of course on our side, then we will need to react immediately and ask for this to happen I would say as soon as technically we can do something.

"For two years I think it's clear that Pirelli, in order to do some testing, was asking for all the teams to do some running. But for us it's very clear that we cannot do that with the actual car, and that's why basically even if they didn't formally ask us, we believe that it's not possible to do it. Because otherwise, as I said, we'd be the first to be there in pole position."