Banco Santander is apparently so enamoured of its partnership with the Ferrari F1 team that it felt compelled to commission a musical tribute to the Scuderia.

Entitled 'Forza', the song and video clip is composed of the characteristic sounds of F1, such as the roar of the engine or the clatter of wheel gunsand was pulled together by Spanish musician and producer Carlos Jean, who went to Maranello with his team to record the sounds at the Ferrari factory.

"Just as the heart of a song is its melody, so the heart of a car is its engine. That is why the sound of the Ferrari engine provides the melody for this single, while wheel guns, tyre calibrators and car jacks provide the beat," reads Santander's summation of the piece.

Carlos Jean recorded part of the song live at an institutional event staged by Banco Santander and the F1 team ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix, while race drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, test drivers Marc Gen? and Pedro de la Rosa, team principal Stefano Domenicali, as well as sundry engineers and mechanics, all took an active part in the recording.

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