McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh insists that F1 teams have to start working together to safeguard the long-term future of the sport and call an end to the any current in-fighting on the issue of costs.

Teams are already facing an increase in costs when new engine regulations come into play next year while a split within the Formula One Teams Association - which has seen a number of teams withdraw from the organisation - means the eleven teams are no longer working together as one in trying to deal with the issue of spending.

Bernie Ecclestone has said that the teams should shoulder the blame for the current expenses involved in F1 and Whitmarsh said that was partly true as teams hadn't worked hard enough to keep their spending in check.

"They have a point," he was quoted by Sporting Life. The teams have to live in the commercial reality of the monies available. At the moment teams haven't controlled their costs enough, which is a never-ending project.

"Most healthy businesses are trying to control costs and maximise revenue, and in my view we're not doing a good enough job with both of those things. Any team not making a profit is spending too much money, which is a fundamental business error and not very sustainable.

"We can certainly do a better job if we work together rather than lobbing bricks at each other, which is sometimes what we end up doing. Undoubtedly we could work better together and say 'right, how do we make it even better than this?'

"Rather than talk about how it is spiralling down, how do we go out there and make this a dynamic and even more successful sport? As I say, we're not actively working together, and that's a shame."

Despite admitting that the teams hadn't been doing enough, Whimarsh insisted there were plenty of positives for the sport in its current guise which teams now needed to capitalise on.

"Primarily we've a fantastic sport which has huge potential," he said. "Bernie has done a fantastic job over the years to commercialise Formula One. We put on a great show, audiences are good, we're moving to relevant technologies, there are new sponsors coming in after what has been a difficult time, so the future looks more positive in that regard.

"There is a lot of good work being done, but we all know if we work together - with all the other partners in Formula One - we can make it even more successful. We're a multi-billion dollar entertainment business that needs to go out there and work harder."


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