Pirelli has spoken out about the ongoing row surrounding Mercedes' 'secret' tyre test in Barcelona - insisting that the test was focused on development rubber for 2014 and that the team hadn't been able to gain any kind of unfair advantage over its rivals.

In a lengthy statement, issued prior to Pirelli holding a conference call to discuss development tests for 2014 F1 tyres, the Italian company attempted to shed further light on the ongoing story - with both Pirelli and Mercedes now facing possible action from the FIA after protests were lodged by rival teams over the test taking place.

Pirelli insists that the tyres used during the test were from a 'range of products still being developed in view of an eventual renewal of the supply contract' and were not tyres that will be used in the 2013 season - with the tyres set to be tested by teams in Montreal being new to everyone.

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The tyre company also insisted that all teams had been invited to take part in tests aimed at developing tyres for the 2014 campaign and said that Mercedes hadn't in any way benefitted from the running that took place.

The statement also revealed that the issue over the car used was a matter between the team and the FIA, who had granted permission for the 2013 car to be made available for the test. Pirelli insists that it didn't request that the 2013 car be used.

The full statement from Pirelli can be found by clicking HERE.