Red Bull boss Christian Horner has moved to defend rivals Ferrari in the ongoing Pirelli tyre test row after the Scuderia was asked by the FIA to provide information into the test it conducted in Spain.

After news broke that Mercedes had used its 2013 car to test with Pirelli following the Spanish Grand Prix, it also emerged that Ferrari had carried out a similar test ahead of the Barcelona race.

The main difference however was that Ferrari carried out its test using a two-year-old car and for that reason, Horner said he had no issues with the Italian team's actions.

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"Ferrari's position is different, even if they have used their official reserve driver, the car was not its 2013 one," he told Autosprint. "The two facts are not even comparable.

"What do we expect from the FIA after our complaint? That the matter be analysed quickly and fairly."

Horner did concede however that Mercedes weren't the only ones to blame for the current situation and that some of the fault lay with Pirelli.

"Everyone in F1 is subject to the rules," he said, "teams, drivers and suppliers, such as Pirelli itself. The rules also apply to them."