The Toro Rosso team was celebrating one of its best ever qualifying sessions in F1, after successfully getting both drivers through to the final round of qualifying on Saturday afternoon.

"We got both our cars in Q3 which is a good step forward," said Laurent Mekies, Toro Rosso's head of vehicle performance. "Of course, you always want more and we feel we had the potential to do even a bit better in Q3; nevertheless, these are two very good starting positions for tomorrow.

"The weather forecast is for very different conditions and from where we are on the grid, we must be aiming to get a good points haul with both cars," he added.

"It's my best ever F1 qualifying," said Jean-Eric Vergne, who quickly went on to add: "But I'm not going to be jumping for joy over a seventh place, as there are no points given out on Saturday.

"We still have the main part of the job to do tomorrow, when I will be trying to at the very least maintain this position and even do better," he said. "I'm a racing driver - so I always want to go forward!" he laughed.

Vergne's seventh place on the grid was partly thanks to the fluctuating weather that the teams experienced on Saturday afternoon, which meant that precise timing of the flying lap was crucial. Those who nailed it did well and progressed, while those who didn't fell by the wayside

"It was not an easy session - and at one point I thought I wouldn't even make it out of Q1!" he admitted. "But we managed to improve a couple of things on the car and that helped.

"Generally, I feel comfortable in the wet, but that wasn't the case today," he continued. "The car wasn't exceptional, but we got the most out of it I think. It was tough driving out there, but in the end it worked as is clear from the fact I got seventh place on the grid."

However, it does mean that anything could happen in the very different conditions expected on race day, as Vergne admitted.

"It will be a difficult afternoon in very different conditions, but our long run pace was good yesterday so that's a reason to be optimistic," he suggested.

Vergne's team mate Daniel Ricciardo had looked to have the upper hand at Toro Rosso this weekend but eventually had to settle for a row back from the Frenchman, and will start from tenth place.

"I am happy that both Toro Rossos are in the top ten, which is a great achievement for the team," said Ricciardo.

"We were quite lucky to make it into Q3 as I was never really comfortable or happy with the car on the intermediate tyre," he admitted. "The conditions were very difficult this afternoon, everything you can think of: wet, damp, greasy, oily!

"I think there was an element of luck with me getting into the top ten today," he admitted. "We never really got going."

But having got lucky with the conditions in qualifying, Ricciardo was determined to put it to good use come the Canadian Grand prix on Sunday afternoon.

"If it's dry tomorrow, I feel we can move forward up the order as I think that there are a few guys in front of us who won't have that pace in the dry," he said. "I'm definitely hoping the rain holds off tomorrow."