Last summer we were stuffed full of big events in the UK thanks to the London Olympics and the Golden Jubilee, but this year it's left to the British Grand Prix to fly the flag (along with that tennis thing going on in south London, but don't worry about that) - and we plan to make the most of it!

Last year Mark Webber picked up his second Silverstone win, but who knows - maybe this year it'll be a British driver's turn to win again. Will it be Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Paul di Resta or Max Chilton on the top step of the podium after the chequered flag on Sunday, June 30? If it happened, how many home winners of the event would that make it anyway? How many times has the event been won by the same driver back-to-back, and how many times has the winner at Silverstone gone on to clinch the world championship?

These questions, facts and trivia plus much, much more await you if you decide to accept our '2013 Best of British' challenge, which we reckon is an ideal way to get into the spirit of the biggest motorsport event of the year in the UK that's heading our way in just a few days now.

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Don't worry if history expertise isn't one of your strong points, you'll still pick up lots of interesting stuff about the race at Silverstone and about some of the British F1 world champions down the years, so you'll have plenty of fun all the way - and you might surprise yourself by how much you actually do know or can figure out with your knowledge of the sport!

As ever, it's best if you try and avoid resorting to using Google, Wikipedia or even's own admittedly incomparable news archives for the duration of the quiz, as that way it'll be a lot more fun and satisfying when you want to brag about how well (or not!) you've done.

Ready to dazzle us with your knowledge? Then CLICK HERE to take the quiz! You can let us know how you did by clicking on the 'Post your comments' link below once you're done.