Mark Webber says he is looking forward to racing at Silverstone again next weekend, and has called the British Grand Prix his 'second home race'.

The Australian currently resides in the UK, with Red Bull's factory in Milton Keynes just 30km away from the Northamptonshire circuit.

Webber, twice a winner at Silverstone, has hailed the history of the circuit and has drawn a special comparison for British fans: "The 2010 victory was pretty special - it was my first British GP win," he said.

"It's the home race for a lot of the team and it's my second home race, as I live in the UK. The fans here are right up there with the Italian Tifosi; Formula One has been an integral part of UK motorsport for such a long time. The Silverstone GP is a brilliant weekend, it's such a prestigious event and that's why it's so nice to get a great result there.

"It's an old school circuit, fast and flowing. It's very demanding on the driver in terms of accuracy and the car also. You can really let the car go around there and feel like you're a Formula One driver."

Webber says he doesn't necessarily feel the extra pressure when racing at Silvertsone, but admits it means that little bit more to a large number of the Red Bull team: "We want to do our best at every race we go to, there are 25 points for grabs at every one," he added.

"I'm sure it means that little bit extra for the staff members and their families, as many will be watching onsite. They're very proud of the effort they put in during the year and of the car and it's their time to show it."