The FIA says it will work with F1 teams to strengthen its control of testing within the sport after the International Tribunal issued its ruling into Mercedes' test with Pirelli in Spain.

Both team and tyre supplier were hit with a reprimand for conducting the test with a 2013 spec car, while Mercedes was also banned from taking part in the Young Driver Test due to take place at Silverstone next month.

In a statement issued once the Tribunal ruling had been made public, the governing body said it would now work to tighten its control of testing to ensure there was no repeat, and would work teams to ensure lessons were leant.

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The involvement of the FIA had been one of the things discussed by the Tribunal, with Mercedes believing it had permission to test having spoken with race director Charlie Whiting about whether it could take place.

"The FIA duly notes the decision handed down today by the FIA International Tribunal against Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team and Pirelli Tyres," the governing body said.

"The FIA wishes that lessons are learnt from this case and from the decision handed down. To this end, the FIA will make sure, in association with all F1 teams, that its control of the testings is strengthened."