Although there has been no direct provocation in F1 this season, the FIA has revealed that it is to increase the level of protection for drivers from 2014.

The particular focus will fall on side impacts at oblique angles, the governing body revealed in the latest edition of its journal Auto, and comes in the wake of a year-long collaboration between the McLaren, Mercedes, Red Bull and Marussia teams, based on an idea originally introduced by the minnow rather than one of the sport's heavy hitters and ruling it out as a knee-jerk reaction to Allan Simonsen's fatal accident at Le Mans on Saturday.

Research consultant Andy Mellor told the article that Robert Kubica's huge Canadian Grand Prix shunt from 2007 had been used as a reference point as the development process went 'back to basics', and the latest version of the previous deformable tubes will now crush in a controlled manner, rather than having the tendency to shatter in the event of an oblique impact.

The report confirmed that the introduction of the new protection in 2014 has already been agreed by the teams.