The FIA has confirmed the introduction of a penalty points system into F1 from next year following the latest meeting of the World Motor Sport Council.

Under the new system, drivers will be handed penalties of between one and three points depending on the severity of an individual offence, with a one race ban then being handed out if a driver picks up more than twelve on their licence.

Any points accrued will stay on a drivers licence for a period of twelve months.

Alongside the new points system, the governing body also confirmed that 'the procedure for a driver to be given the chance to give back any advantage he may have gained by leaving the track has been adopted'.

While the return of in-season testing was the other major headline, a series of other revisions to the Sporting Regulations have also been announced.

Each driver will now be given an extra set of tyres that can only be used in the opening half an hour of free practice one to encourage teams to send their drivers out earlier in the session.

In an effort to improve safety, all personnel working on a car in a race pit stop will now be forced to wear head protection while the pit lane speed limit will be reduced to 80kph, aside from in Melbourne, Monaco and Singapore where a lower 60kph limit will remain in place.

Following a request from Mercedes, engine suppliers will be able to provide engines to a maximum of four teams, with drivers being able to make use of five engines during the course of the season.

Should drivers go above that limit, they will be forced to start the following race from the pits, while changes to individual elements of the engine above the permitted five will incur a ten-place grid penalty. Drivers must also now use a gearbox for six consecutive races rather than the current five.