Felipe Massa was left to rue the tyres issues that emerged in the British Grand Prix after missing out on a potential podium finish at Silverstone.

The Brazilian was one of the drivers to suffer a left-rear blowout during the race, which saw him drop to the rear of the field.

Making the most of the pace in his car, Massa fought back up to sixth spot at the finish but he admitted that he should have had more from the race with a potential podium finish having slipped through his fingers.

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"I am very pleased with my race which this time was truly impeccable," the Ferrari man said. "After a fantastic start and a perfect first lap, maybe one of the best of my career, I managed to drive an attacking first stint. On lap ten, when I was right in the middle of the corner at turn five, my left rear tyre failed and I had to pit.

"After this forced stop, I found myself last and from then on, I began a great charge up the order, thanks to a lot of very nice passing moves. Without that tyre problem I could have made it to the podium, because today I had a good feeling with the car and both myself and Fernando had shown we could fight with those at the front."

Speaking prior to confirmation that race drivers will be able to run in the Young Driver Test to aid with tyre development, Massa called for changes to be made to avoid any repeat in future in order to ensure the safety of drivers on track.

"Our greatest concern revolves around safety, because even if I can't really tell what happened today, it's unacceptable having to drive knowing you are not safe," he said. "Even if, luckily, nothing serious happened, what we saw is very dangerous. I already had this problem twice before in Bahrain and if something isn't done about it as soon as possible, I am sure it will happen again."