While most of us can only dream of what it would be like to become a top-line racing driver, an ever-increasing number of racing games at least allow race fans to try and live that dream in a virtual environment.

Whether you use an Xbox, Playstation or PC - or indeed if you prefer to game 'on the move' - there are a myriad of racing titles that cater for all kinds of fans.

In fact, when it comes to gaming, racing fans are somewhat spoilt for choice...

For some, the chance to simply power up a console for a quick five minute race is all they are looking for, while for others, the real enjoyment comes from taking on a career challenge that will run for a number of months.

There are those who are happy to game alone and like nothing better than doing battle against the AI opposition provided by their console, while others prefer to get online and do battle with their fellow racers around the world.

Whatever you desire from your racing, there is a game out there to meet your needs, and we're keen to see which of the top franchises really ticks the boxes and gets your motor revving.

We've selected a number of the top franchises on the market and want to know which one gets your vote.

Simply CLICK HERE to chose from our selection, and let us know in the comments below if you have a top title that we've missed off our list.

By the same score, if there is a particular incarnation of one of our selected franchises that you think stands out above any other, then let us know which version is it!