Sebastian Vettel says he doesn't feel any extra pressure going into his home round of the F1 season this weekend in Germany.

Despite his recent run of title success, the Red Bull man has yet to take victory on home soil and will hope to challenge for top spot this time around to make amends for his retirement while leading at Silverstone last week.

Asked in the Nurburgring whether being the home star brought added pressure going into the race weekend, Vettel insisted he would be treating the race like any other and said he felt it was more of a privilege to be able to race in front of the German fans.

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"In terms of the championship points, you can only score the same as you can everywhere else," he said. "It is special to race in front of a home crowd and I'm happy to have the chance as there are others who don't have the opportunity - like Sergio [Perez] as there is no race in Mexico.

"For me, it is a privilidge but I don't see any extra pressure. It's good to have the support and to see the fascination that there is for F1 as motorsport has a big following in Germany.

"I think what is more important is the success we have had in recent years. We have had good races here in the past as well as at Hockenheim and have always been close. We haven't been good enough to win but we've got time to try again and will be trying this weekend."

Vettel added that Red Bull was confident it had resolved the gearbox issue that forced him to retire from the British Grand Prix and that there would be no repeat at the 'Ring this weekend.

"We had a solid weekend at Silverstone and qualified behind Mercedes, which was the best we could do on Saturday," he said. "We had good pace on Sunday and even though Lewis has his puncture, I think we could have matched him.

"It was frustrating and disappointing to lose the lead to a technical problem, but these things happen. We understand what happened and have fixed it, and we'll move on."