Sebastian Vettel believes that there will be no repeat of the tyre failures that blighted the British Grand Prix, but confirmed that it was now down to Charlie Whiting to decide whether it is safe to carry on should the problem return.

The Grand Prix Drivers' Association issued a statement on the eve of the Nurburgring weekend, claiming that there was the potential for a boycott of the event should the drivers feel that there was any threat to their safety during the weekend. However, should that threat come during the race - as it did in Britain - then the drivers would not be able to take the decision to pull-out, and have said that they would be happy to leave the decision in the hands of FIA safety delegate Whiting once the red lights go out.

"First of all, I'm confident that we won't have any problems but, should we have any problems, then obviously it's difficult for us inside the car to judge that because we can't see and we can't know what's going on," Vettel explained, "Charlie is obviously the one who is deciding and I think we had a good chat with him on Thursday night, so he's aware of the situation.

"I think we were very close, at Silverstone, to having a red flag but, obviously, it was new to everybody, including the race direction, so I think we obviously learned our lesson and should be well prepared for tomorrow.

"Charlie can hear us when we are talking on the radio, and it's not the first time he's listening to us. I think, if we had races in the wet, if whatever was going on, he's obviously aware and listening to all the drivers.

"But, again, I don't expect any difficulties."