Mark Webber has suggested that the revised specification of Pirelli tyre brought to the Nurburgring in the wake of the problems at last weekend's British Grand Prix will allow for a more uncompromising race.

Pirelli, under new freedom granted by the FIA, has finally been able to introduce the Kevlar-banded rear tyres it had wanted to race as long ago as Montreal, and Webber acknowledges that the change had to be made as the first step towards ensuring that the German race went ahead.

Having now sampled the rubber in anger - it had previously been run in rain-affected FP1 sessions in Canada and the UK - the Australian is optimistic that it can play a part in the race, where he starts from third on the grid behind Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

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"Obviously Pirelli have made some changes from a safety perspective from the last grand prix, which was the right thing to do, otherwise we probably wouldn't be racing, so that's a good step from them," he noted, "Going forward, they're going to make some more adjustments and we need to work on those in the future but, for tomorrow, I think that the tyres will be pretty good.

"I think the race will be pretty aggressive. We got some good information on Friday as to how the tyres handle the [hot] conditions, so I think it will be a pretty aggressive grand prix.

"But you never know - you never count your chickens these days. Come Sunday you can have a lot of surprises and, as usual, we'll be legends tomorrow night on what we should have done better...."