Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner has expressed his relief following news that the cameraman struck by Mark Webber's errant wheel during the German Grand Prix is 'fundamentally okay'.

The FOM employee, Paul Allen, was bowled over in the early stages of the race, when Webber made his first pit stop on lap 8, and while he remained conscious and was treated at the circuit medical centre, he was then transported by helicopter to Koblenz Hospital for observation. Early reports suggest he suffered a broken shoulder, cracked ribs, bruising and cuts.

Red Bull was later slapped with a EUR30,000 penalty for allowing its driver to leave the pit box without all four wheels attached.

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Speaking about the incident, Horner said: "The most important thing today is that the cameraman who got struck by the tyre does not appear to have suffered any life threatening injuries. It's a timely reminder that working in the pit lane is dangerous.

"Everyone reacted incredibly quickly and the most important thing is to hear that he seems to be fundamentally okay."

"We [now] need to understand what went wrong in that first pit stop for Mark, but as I said, our main concern today is knowing that the cameraman is okay," Horner added.

Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn shared those sentiments: "Our first thoughts today go to the cameraman who was struck by an errant wheel in the pit lane.

"Happily, he does not appear to have suffered serious injuries but it was once again a reminder of the dangers of our sport and underlines the need for constant vigilance in terms of safety."

Webber meanwhile wasn't even aware of the incident until after the grand prix had finished: "I knew we had lost the tyre in the pit stop of course, but not that someone got hit by it. That's bad and I hope he is okay, that's the main thing," stated the Aussie.