Bernie Ecclestone has called for a change in F1 pitlanes that will see camera crews stationed on the pit wall following the incident that saw FOM team member Paul Allen injured in Germany.

Allen was hit by a wheel that had come away from Mark Webber's Red Bull and was left with a broken collarbone and broken ribs as a result.

With Lotus and Mercedes mechanics - amongst others - lucky to escape injury themselves, Ecclestone has now called for a change to the current rules that allow six FOM camera crews to work in pit lane.

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They will instead now work from the pitwall, alongside six photographers who are permitted to work in the area to get shots of the teams at work in the pits.

"I've been in close contact with everybody who has been dealing with the matter," Ecclestone was quoted by Sporting Life. "It's a terrible thing to say, but it was just one of those things.

"There was a whole bunch of mechanics and the tyre could have hit any one of those guys. The cameraman just happened to be looking the wrong way at the wrong time.

"In future, all our camera crews will only be allowed to film from the pit wall."

Ecclestone added that further changes could be made that would see camera crews wear protective head gear in future, in the same way that personnel working on cars will be forced to wear head protection from 2014.

"If the camera guys are on the pit wall, then that's normally higher than the track," he said. "Of course, the same thing could still happen in the end. In reality a wheel could come off and bounce down the pit lane."