Mercedes are to receive date from Pirelli following the Young Driver Test at Silverstone this week, despite the team being banned from actually taking part.

The Brackley-based squad was prevented from participating after carrying out a tyre test with Pirelli in Spain earlier this year, with than ban remaining in place despite the fact that teams will now test revised tyres this week.

Changes to the regulations have allowed teams to field their race drivers to conduct tyre work during the three-day test in preparation for the Hungarian Grand Prix in Budapest, with Pirelli set to introduce new tyres combining the construction of the 2012 rubber with the compounds seen this year.

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While Mercedes is set to miss out on valuable track time as a result of the ban, Pirelli motorsport boss Paul Hembery confirmed that the team will receive information on the back of the session but would still be on the back foot compared to its rivals.

"We will give all the teams all of the same feedback and give them all of the same data, so they will have the information," he was quoted by ESPN. "The teams will have a very clear tyre test programme; they have to run what we tell them to run. They'll be running the 2012 structure with the medium and the hard compounds, plus a prototype hard compound.

"Mercedes I guess do have a lot of data from the tyre from last year in terms of the way it'll affect aero from the set-up. I think they would have benefitted obviously from being able to run but they're not going to be able to."