Force India's Paul di Resta has set his sights on winning races and championships in F1, and says he's determined to make it happen - even if that means seeking a new team to do it with.

"I want to win races and win championships, that simple," he said on Thursday. "That's what I want - wherever I can make this come true." For the time being, however, the 27-year-old Scot is just eager to claim his first podium position in F1.

"It's been a long time since I was on the podium, the longest absence from it in my whole career, so I definitely want to get back there," he said. "But I understand the position I am in at the moment and I am working as hard as I ever have.

"I wasn't far last year in Singapore, I wasn't far in Bahrain. I'd certainly like to think that hopefully next time we get in that position we can take a few risks and achieve it," he told Sky Sports news. "But until the car gives us the performance that allows us it's going to be a difficult one to manage - and it depends where our competitors are. But we are even hungrier and to achieve that ultimate feeling."

The potential barrier to di Resta achieving his podium ambition is the tyre situation, with Force India as a whole not keen on the new 2013 compounds being introduced by Pirelli at Hungary for the remainder of the season.

"It's a hard one. Obviously we got a little bit of an impression at Silverstone," he said. "It's the first time that we get to try some setup things and actually understand them but yes, we did have a good idea of where the [older spec] tyres were working and how to use them over a race distance.

"That's not to say that this won't continue and, on the flip side, it may suit the car better," he added. "It's completely unknown. All we can do is do what we can and the team is working hard to try and score some points because we missed them in the N?rburgring."

Overall di Resta is happy with the way that the season has gone. An issue with wheel nuts caused both Force India cars to retire in Malaysia, and there have been problems in qualifying for di Resta, but otherwise only the last outing at the Nurburgring has proved genuinely disappointing for the driver and the tea so far in 2013.

"I think that where we are in the standings is pretty cool, given the fact of the wheel nut issue in Malaysia and the three unfortunate qualifying sessions where we were extremely unfortunate - but that's racing life," he told the official website. "But one thing that I see is that my race pace is very strong - coming from the back at three races in a row and scoring points. The reward was very high on these Sunday afternoons after the disappointment the day before."

But despite the solid year to date, di Resta's name has been conspicuously absent from the rumours and speculation surrounding Mark Webber's successor at Red Bull for 2014.

"I have no idea!" he laughed when asked if he had any inside information about who would get the seat. "From what I hear Kimi and Daniel are up for the Red Bull cockpit and that, of course, is something that you are very interested in as a driver," hinting that he was keeping tabs on the situation in case a race seat at the highly competitive Lotus F1 team was to open up should Raikkonen be moving on, although di Resta refused to be drawn by questions along that line.

"To tell you the truth, my management team is looking at what is best for me to move forward," he said. "I have to say that it is business as normal: working hard to get a reputation in F1 and put yourself in a position that team principals know that they can rely on you and your skills. Given how it worked so far this season for Force India, I am very excited for the remainder of it."

If di Resta is disappointed not to be in the running for the soon-to-be-vacant Red Bull Racing seat then he certainly wasn't showing it, telling Sky Sports News that in any case his preference would be for a car with distinctly more crimson in its livery.

"Ferrari is an ultimate seat that I want to see myself in F1 because of the Italian side of my family. What Ferrari is to F1 is a very special red car when it sits on the grid," he said. "But I need to wait and see if the opportunities arise. At the moment it's about putting yourself in the framework for those drives."

At the moment, apart from securing that elusive podium finish, di Resta's aim for the 2013 season is to hold on to his current ninth place in the drivers championship and Force India's fifth place in the constructors standings, which would put him ahead of McLaren's Jenson Button.

"After the summer break we had a great run last year. Spa, Monza, Singapore. I'd like to think we can certainly do that this year," he said. "The performance of the car throughout this [season] has excelled itself. If it can excel itself a little bit more than it has done previously I think that'll be a big point at getting us in the right direction.

"If I stayed ninth I would be ecstatic. It's hard - but not impossible," he continued. "It will depend if McLaren are able to achieve more than they have been so far - and I don't seen them doing anything special right now.

"McLaren have clearly underperformed, but given the reputation that they have - a championship-winning team - we will have a fight on our hands," he admitted. "But our boys are also working very hard; whether that will be enough we will see. I definitely hope it will be.

"I think everybody here is trying to stay on top of McLaren if we can. We can't underestimate what they are and what they do. Up until the last weekend of racing [at Germany] we were having a damn good season and there's no reason why we can't get our elbows out and fight even harder."

One factor potentially impacting on the team's performance after the summer is the split effort required to plan for all the rules and regulations changes in 2014 while still waging their 2013 world championship campaign.

"It's certainly a harder balance this year, I think, with the new regs for next year," di Resta admitted. "I think everybody at the factory is probably focussed on next year whereas we as a race team are focussed on this year. Just a lot of racing, a lot of points and a lot of laps that we need to be on top of our game.

"Ultimately where we reward ourselves, this will help the team next year in terms of constructors' position," he added, leaving open the question of how long he will be with the team to take advantage of all that investment in terms of time and effort.