Formula One legend Sir Stirling Moss says Lewis Hamilton still has a chance of winning the 2013 F1 title on the back of his impressive win in the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Having qualified on pole position, the Briton was able to clinch his first win in Mercedes colours with a fine drive on race day.

It came despite many feeling Hamilton wouldn't be able to repeat his one-lap performance throughout a race distance and Moss said it was a drive that showed the 2008 title winner shouldn't be discounted in the race for the crown.

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"Fantastic, really good," he told the official Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 website when asked what he thought of Hamilton's performance. "He decided to have a go from the start and drove a good race. And it wasn't just on Sunday because he got pole position on Saturday, too - I can't remember whether or not I had pole when I won for Mercedes-Benz...

"[In terms of the title] certainly it's possible but I reckon it's an outside chance. Vettel and his team are so good. But Lewis' drive on Sunday was terrific and there's no doubt the team is the equal of any other.

"He's a really exciting driver and a late-braker, and I think this result will give him a great kick-off. So if they can keep up the speed and do the same sort of thing, then he's got a good chance."

Moss added that Hamilton's first win for the team had raised expectations about what can now be achieved, with Mercedes showing themselves to be true contenders at the front of the field.

"I am sure that expectations must have come up quite a few notches after the last race," he said. "The great thing now is that the team's very different to how they were. Mercedes-Benz is right behind them all through and then Ross Brawn is a tremendous help.

"If I were a driver today, there are very few people I'd particularly like to be with, and Ross is one of them - as of course is Adrian Newey."