Doubts have emerged over the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi after it was revealed that the race has missed its application deadline with the FIA.

Organisers revealed last week that date of 19 October was in place for the inaugural race next year, which was due to take place in the city of Sochi after the Winter Olympic Games.

While work at the circuit is ongoing, an apparent dispute between promoters JSC Omega and the Russian Automobile Federation has resulted in the RAF missing the dealing imposed by the FIA to submit its official application to join the F1 calendar.

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As such, the RAF will now seek to use reasons of 'force-majeure' to do a deal with the governing body to ensure the race takes its place on the calendar.

"The application to the FIA for submitting the Russian Grand Prix to the 2014 Formula One calendar was not sent in proper time as JSC Omega didn't fulfil the necessary conditions," a statement from the RAF read.

"That is, it didn't sign a contract with the Russian Grand Prix organiser, didn't sign a deal for an application submission and also didn't pay a fee to the FIA for including an event on the FIA F1 calendar.

"RAF informs it is ready to include the Russian Grand Prix on to the FIA calendar under force-majeure conditions, permissible by the FIA, as soon as the promoter fulfils all the necessary formalities."

Doubts over the Russian race come after it was revealed that the Indian GP has been canned for 2014.