Luca di Montezemolo has questioned the 'courage' of the FIA for the way in which it dealt with the fall out of the Mercedes tyre test in Spain earlier this year.

Mercedes was banned from taking part in the Young Driver Test at Silverstone as punishment for conducting the Pirelli test at Catalunya, where it ran its 2013-spec car in order to help the tyre supplier try and resolve some of the issues it had faced in the early part of the year.

While changes made to the Young Driver Test by the FIA meant Mercedes then missed out on the opportunity to run the revised tyres that debuted in Hungary, Ferrari president di Montezemolo insisted that the governing body hadn't gone far enough - with the credibility of the sport having been damaged by the whole episode as a result.

"Formula 1 has to be a clean sport without any of the monkey business we have had to put up with in recent years," he was quoted as telling Corriere della Sera. "From next season, we will have a completely different F1, finally less dependent on aerodynamics. I build cars not planes.

"We will finally have testing again and not a farce like what we saw this year with one team doing illegal testing without even paying the right penalty for it.

"In this case, I would have expected more clarity and courage from the FIA. On the other hand, the benefits gained by the team that carried out the secret banned testing are watched by everyone: before then, it had not won a single grand prix, then after the test it won three out of five races.

"These are the sort of serious incidents that affect F1's credibility and alter the championship."